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Can Dr. Inman help with my pain?

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Will the treatment hurt?

Neck pain, pain between the shoulders, lower back pain, and sciatica are among the many issues that Dr. Inman can help you with. In over 15 years of being a chiropractor, he had seen and treated almost every ache and pain, so there is a big chance that he can help with yours, too!

Chiropractic adjustments typically use gentle pressure and Dr. Inman will use as little force as possible to adjust your back, so it is rare for it to cause discomfort. You may even feel pain relief right after your treatment. If you do experience soreness later on, it is usually similar to the soreness incurred when you begin a new exercise program.

X-rays are not required for the majority of patients that visit Inman Chiropractic Clinic.



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Is treatment expensive?

Chiropractic is among the most cost-effective ways to treat back and neck pain. Dr. Inman chooses to charge even less than most chiropractors do, so you’ll probably be surprised at how affordable good care can be!

Is chiropractic care safe for pregnant women?

Not only is chiropractic care safe if you are pregnant, but it can even improve your pregnancy experience, including making delivery easier. As with all of our chiropractic treatments, your care during pregnancy will correspond to your pregnancy stage and personal needs.

Will I have to come back forever?

Dr. Inman may suggest a follow-up treatment or two in order to make sure your spine is holding the adjustment, but he is not at all a high-pressure chiropractor. After their first adjustment, many people realize the benefits that their treatment provided and choose to return every month or so for regular “tune-ups".